Cracks of Time

November 5, 2012

When you start looking for hidden opportunities your mind starts to expose them everywhere.

Today, for example, I was on a call to a team member when the idea struck me to do a few push-ups. So I did.

Next, I finished one meeting and was preparing for another when the idea for today’s “hidden opportunity video” hit me. So I pulled out the iPad and made this recording.

I call it “cracks of time” because just as a crack in the wall lets sunlight through, there are cracks of time in your day that you can use to get stuff done. Fun stuff. Stuff that makes you feel good or improves your life in some small or profound way.


Hidden Musical Talent

November 2, 2012

After a business meeting with a client today we spent a few minutes discussing music.

My client brought to my attention the fact that the ability to really listen to music and appreciate it is as much a talent as the ability to play or create music.

I agreed.

And on the way home I thought more about his comment. I realised the ability to listen to and appreciate music is a hidden opportunity in my life.

Yes, I occasionally listen to music. But I could listen to more music. Or different types of music outside my usual selection. Not only that, but isn’t it true that I can focus on specific instruments or tonal qualities of the singers voice? And what about listening with my heart?

How different can my experience be by focusing my attention on a specific instrument and becoming aware of the effect that instrument has on my feelings?

Perhaps by developing the talent of listening to music my life can be filled with greater levels of enrichment, all from an opportunity that is readily available, but perhaps not appreciated by me at the level I could.