Effective Team Meetings

November 9, 2012

Ever sat through a boring team meeting?

Ever ran a boring team meeting?

The solution could be as simple as changing the topics you discuss.

Look at it this way: if you spend an hour in a team meeting discussing something that doesn’t improve your business you’ve wasted most of the hour.

On the other hand, if you have agenda items that stimulate useful thinking and action plans then that same hour can be hugely productive.

What’s the difference?

The topics on your agenda.

Same goes for your daily to-do list items. Better to-do list items equal better actions. Better actions equal better results.

Keep this in mind next time you write your to-do list or plan a meeting.


You already have many of the resources you need to reach your goals.

But perhaps you don’t recognise the resources available to you.

By taking inventory you can uncover opportunities to accomplish much more with what you’ve already got.

The key is to write down your goal. Then look at the many possible ways of reaching that goal. Then inventory the resources already available to you (the resources could include people, places, money or things).

If you need help with this, you could ask someone else to offer suggestions. Maybe they will see options where you see limitations.

Good luck.

So that’s today’s hidden opportunity: Take inventory of the unrecognised or under-utilised resources you have available to you and use them to reach your goals.

Today’s hidden opportunity describes a way to get a lot more done without doing any of the work yourself. It also describes a way to let people do things for you that will bring them satisfaction.

My contention is this: You have people around you right now that are probably willing and able to do a lot more for you than you let them.

Some would actually get a lot more joy out of life if you gave them more opportunities to serve or help you.

How can you use OPE today?