Social Pressure 2.0

May 6, 2010

You’re familiar with social proof, right?

It’s that “thing” that sometimes makes you do things because other people are doing it even though you wouldn’t normally do it.

Like the time you where sitting in the seminar thinking you probably won’t buy the speaker’s product even though it looks kinda cool. Suddenly, he shows you how 20 people just like you where skeptical but decided to get it anyway and now they are getting the results you want.

Next thing you know, he drops the price and tells you to rush to the back of the room where you can buy the product. You see all the other people jump up so you decide perhaps you should too. After all, what have you got to lose, he offers a money back guarantee after all.

So that’s social proof.

But what is social pressure?

Social pressure happens when the ipad is released and everyone runs to the imac store because if you don’t own an ipad you aren’t going to be cool!

Cigarette companies leveraged this powerful weapon of human influence to sell cigarettes, and they still do. I mean, sure, you might die of lung cancer but hey, that’s not as bad as being uncool, is it?

Beware of social pressure.

And be careful how you use it.


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