Gutted WordPress Blog and the Duplicate Content Myth

October 7, 2009

google_duplicate_content_mythHas Google struck again? Is the duplicate content myth alive and well?

This blog used to be the home of my simple web writing blog but I moved the content to a new site on a hosted domain. I did this because I wanted a hosted domain. I wish I had’ve hosted earlier. The reason is that my new site, although live for a week now, does not yet show in Google search engines.

Now, you might say 1 week isn’t long. But the fact is, this site was showing in the Google search engines within 2 days of going live.

Would my hosted site have gone live just as quick if it wasn’t initiated with duplicate content from this site?

I honestly don’t know.

All I know is, this site ranked quickly — in the first week — while my new fully hosted site doesn’t show unless I type the URL directly into the search box.

But if I take a selection of an article I exported to the new blog and copy that into the google search bar, this site shows up and not the new site, even though the article is no longer active on this site.

I assume it’s got something to do with indexing the source of the first sighting of the document first. It makes sense to do it that way as it’s more likely the first sighting is the original source.

Whatever. Just an interesting piece of trivia. It doesn’t really matter to me since I’m going to be posting a ton of new content on the hosted site anyway so I’m sure I’ll get indexed soon enough.

And since all the content will be unique, I won’t have to worry about whether duplicate content penalties from google are a myth or not.



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